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"Even after one billion miles,
the Facility looks the same.
What could be different here?
Why did we come here?"

A last minute study project worked on for a few days made in Game Maker Studio.

Presented is the battle screen, which is clearly and intentionally reminiscent of obvious titles such as SNATCHER and UnderTale. The full game would be a dungeon crawling RPG with a focus on moving through overworld maps in the style of games such as Rolan's Curse, Zelda, et al, and combat would ensue upon contact with the enemy.

A concept that was being designed in was pseudo-randomness: Providing random item drops to enhance the player character, as well as random map variants chosen from a selection of three maps per "level." Allowing the player to grow stronger without barring access of previous areas could enable a simple enemy and item driven narrative.

Presented is one enemy with one attack - The Guardian, which has a simple danmaku style spread that attacks from one side or the other.

The Guardian has a fairly obvious weakpoint. Other places will not provide as much damage.

Might finish it when I get some time, since it was very fun to work on in between other projects.

Install instructions

The game was built with Game Maker Studio, and plays on Windows machines without an install.

In order to interact with menus and utilize weapons, the controls are very simple:
Alt+Enter: Fullscreen (recommended)
D: Select, lock on, shoot, progress text
Arrow Keys: Move selections, move cursor and player target
Red X: Exit.
There are still some debug keys which probably do strange things.


GBJam - No Installer.exe 2 MB


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